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About Linda

I have been practicing as a nutritionist since 1999, although my interest in nutrition goes back a long way before this time.

As a child I was extremely sickly; my mother was back and forth to the doctors surgery so many times she was branded an over anxious mother and offered Valium! She knew however that I did have something wrong which the doctors were unable to identify. It had started when I was a baby with projectile vomiting and serious sleep problems. I had developed into a hyperactive (not recognised then), very sneezy, clumsy child who went down with every infection going.

Let down by the medical profession, my mother turned to complementary therapies. At age 11, I was diagnosed with food allergies, caused by a ‘leaky gut’ resulting from the introduction of solids at two weeks old (as advised to my mother by her midwife). By this stage I was also malnourished and suffering with hypoglycemia.

After following a strict diet and supplement programme I became a well person; my health and behaviour improving dramatically. So I have grown up with the real knowledge of how much what we eat affects our health.

Later in life I took a job in a health food shop, and I realised just how many natural remedies there are for all health problems. Inspired, I enrolled on a training course to gain my diploma in nutrition. Along the way I also qualified as a massage therapist, as I believe that a holistic practitioner should not look at the body from one angle only.

I have two children, both of whom are very good examples of the benefits of a healthy diet. I am currently running a trial at my local junior school where I have obtained sponsorship to help children with concentration problems by supplementing with fish oils, multi–vitamins and minerals.

I am passionate about good nutrition for health and I believe that most people could improve their quality of life just by making simple dietary changes.

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