​​​Linda Perkins Nutrition and Massage

What will treatment involve?

A detailed evaluation, completion of a questionnaire and testing with the medically approved Vega machine will establish your own nutritional requirements. Further laboratory testing is available if required or deemed necessary. Care will be taken to ensure treatment is as compatible to your lifestyle as possible. However, it is important to realise that you must be self-motivated and be prepared to make dietary changes.

Following your initial consultation your dietary regime and details will be advised to you. Subsequent follow up appointments will monitor the progress of your treatment.

Results may not be immediately apparent. Conditions of disease or illness do not arise overnight and conversely may therefore take some time to resolve completely (especially as some people may already have undergone months of other treatments). Nevertheless, in many cases improvements will be noticed very quickly although it is an occasional possibility that you may experience an initial worsening of the condition.

Following your treatment, ongoing telephone support will be provided.


For more information or to make an appointment - 01245 266147  |  linperkins@yahoo.co.uk

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